Why we recommend. Condeco

Let's start with the people and the new people on the board , who are rapidly re-engineering their respective domains.


Chief Customer Officer  - Kev Willers

Kevin is passionate about the customer and is re-engineering the whole customer project delivery to customer success with some very able lieutenants, which aside from his vision is where the strength lies in the global customer success team. Arriving in June 2020 Kev introduced Hypercare straight away which has transformed project delivery and the new customers perception of Condeco. His next task re-engineering customer success the aftercare team which has seen the introduction of MyCondeco where customers access User Voice, API's, Roadmaps, Customer Support, Developers portals, literally everything they'd like in one easy aftercare portal. 

His strength a Global Operations Team that has immense strength and experience - see below.

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The Very Strong Global Operations Team

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John Hilderbrands

Customer Operations Director UKMEA

This guy is dynamic, passionate and dedicated to everything he touches, extremely impressive he gets technology ,SaaS , People, API's, Systems, USP's and working in Condeco 11 years plus knows the business , customers, product and solutions backwards.

Holger Grimm

Director Operations, Europe

Personable, detailed, focused, thorough, Holger epitomises a customer focused operations director in every way. 4 Years in he has revolutionised service delivery in Europe (non UK countries)

Dinu Ionescu

Vice President, Customer Operations, Americas.

A recent arrival in the US New York office Dinu is just very good at what he does in a calm, considered , thorough way. He never over promises and methodically just makes things happen, not just on delivery but on improving the US operations every day.

Kalith Sattar

Customer Operations Director, APAC

Kalith is dynamic, thorough and efficient. Customers love him because he delivers and delivers on time every time. Never overcommitting and always driving the Asia Pac operations forward. Again 4 years plus in the company he knows his subject and Condeco backwards.