Workplace Covid-19 Re-engineering

Make your workplace safe - return to full productivity quickly

Microsoft Customers can enhance Office 365 and Exchange to make a safer workplace.

With control over assigned seating , social distancing  and new occupancy levels.

With enhanced Microsoft workflows to manage on demand hot desk and meeting rooms with easy booking and full tracking.

To slick visitor management processes with de-cluttered receptions and full tracking of who sat where. 

Enhance office 365 and Exchange to manage Meeting Room and Hot Desks more effectively.

Grow Your Business

Ensure Meeting Rooms are fully utilised  releasing the availability of "no show" bookings so everyone can get a room.

Deliver on demand Hot desk booking, with full tracking of who sat where and and reduced cleaning costs.

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Make Booking Rooms and Desks easy

Make your team safer and more productive

Make booking a Meeting Room or Desk easy.
With Desktop and mobile device booking.
With APi's that extend the service, delivering visitor data to a visitor management system.


A WOW 1st Impression and slick visitor management session

Integrate you room booking system to send visitor details automatically into your visitor management system

Send Meeting visitor data directly from outlook through your room booking system directly to the visitor management system.
De-clutter receptions with express check-in.
Automatically inform meeting hosts by SMS and Email. 
Cut reception costs.


Collect all Assigned Seat, Meeting Room, Hot Desk and Visitor data.

Track who sat where and what needs cleaning  

Use the data to your advantage:
- Check people are not over occupying floors.
- Control cleaning costs and staff safety.
- Get 100% insight into what's going on in your workplace.
- Set up a Workplace insight and reporting system.


Secure Your workplace and get it back to full productivity quickly.

Control the Health and Safety of your business

Set new floor occupancy levels
Identify floor occupancy levels
Identify Safe seats to book
Report on which seats to clean and sterilise.
Track Over clustering in areas in real time
Trace who meet who when for full pandemic tracking.

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