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Updated: Jul 24, 2020

The No 1 issue for companies today has to be repairing revenue, margins and performance.

However, to do that you have to get employees comfortable with "their new workstyle".

Many have adjusted well to the workplace at home, but long for the working with colleagues "in the workplace" as well as on Teams , Zoom or Pexip.

So why will we return to the workplace?

Talk to Anni Hood at Wellbeing International and she'll say, "humans are tribal, they need social contact".

However, "you'll not return to work, unless you feel safe" says " Ricoh Workplace Consultant Simone Fenton Jarvis. She went on to say that too many companies are adopting the retail approach:

  • Screens in reception

  • Hazard Tape everywhere

  • Heightened security

  • Face Masks on

And her comment or question was "why if I was an employee would I return to that?

"That doesn't communicate I'm safe!" "In fact the opposite".

Simon Cohen from workplace company Condeco went "we need need two things, safety in the current environment of distancing and cautionary return, but also to create a workplace environment in the future, that people want to work in".

For us, the rise of the TAPSO Technology Aware People Sensitive Organisation, spells hope, as these organisations understand how to use technology to “add value to the workplace” delivering a better workplace experience.

For Microsoft customers, that have outlook, you can now unleash the power of that tool and the data it holds:

  • If you have Condeco, you can export the host and guest data Condeco gathers from Microsoft or from Condeco Bookings, in its web or mobile APP's and export it to a Visitor Management System.

  • The advantages are instantaneous as you immediately farm nearly 100% of intended visitors and can pre-register them, as all the meeting invites, have host and visitor data, to populate the visitor management system.

  • All the visitors, get a powerful invite with QR codes that enable Express and better still touchless check-in, at the reception area.

  • You reception area is suddenly Covid efficient, de-congested and safe, with fast throughput and transit times.

  • However, the more important factor is that as we have all the visitor data we have an effective "track and trace' record, should someone fall ill.

That solves getting visitor coverage, fast reception transit times and track and trace.

Now to the workplace conundrum, if you watch the unwired ventures webinar you may have already started thinking this way.

However, listening to the Worktech Webinar with Paul Statham from Condeco, Cordless CEO Phillip Ross, with Chuck Cerria, Global Real Estate Director FTI and Jamie Davis, Associate Director – Change Manager at Fidelity, the debate moved from the obvious impacts of Covid-19 to the workplace of tomorrow with a fascinating output.

Starting with the historical real estate being a dumb container "not intuitive at all".

Paul Statham then added, yes but there are signs that the workplace is adopting digital social tools like intent, preferences, cookies, and thereby enabling a change in the workplace to allow it to become an intuitive workplace.

The consequences are huge:

  • With Intent, you could know if someone was intending to be in the office, for example.

  • You could add value to the workplace by making it clear whose "in the office"

  • A Colleague you want to work with would become aware your in and you then immediately become "easy to plan around"

There is far more to it than a simple feature, if you imagineer the "intuitive workplace" then these are the features it could have:

  • it would know from your work status if you were attending a meeting in person or virtually.

  • it would know to rightsize the meeting room accordingly.

  • No one would need to say anything, the AI would just adjust the workplace to work with the employee.

Finally the building blocks for a sea change in the workplace are here:

  • a compelling event Covid-19, has driven remote working into the 10's millions a day.

  • that event has triggered the review of the office workplace.

  • why do we go there?

  • if its only half full, why don't we downsize?

  • if people work from home, is that sustainable?

  • do we cut their car allowance and give them a "near working allowance"

The single biggest issue, now facing the office and its future relevance has its got to be:

  • It must be better than working from home

  • It must be better than "a near office"

Defining better is hard, however here are some given's:

  • I must be able to know its a safe place to work without hazard tape and signs.

  • I must know if my key colleagues are going to be there or not, so I can collaborate!

  • It must work better than alternatives and deliver an intuitive experience.

Those suppliers to workplaces that are closed and siloed will be cut off, wither and die as they become less relevant, and fast.

Suppliers that think through how they integrate with others to drive efficiency and customer experience will win.

They will win because the deliver the long threatened connected workplace.

They will win because they demonstrably reduce cost, drive efficiencies and are end user and organisation centric in their thinking.

How will they win?

Clever Integrations that create for the customer a connected eco-system.

Clever Integrations that power the workplace experience.

Clever integrations that deliver the intuitive workplace.

Moreover, they win because their solutions are sticky, they retain customers and informed partners and customers feed them with business.

Which of your workplace suppliers think and act in silo's?

Whose holding you back?

Glossary of terms


  • Companies that are software only high growth, high relevance companies.


  • Companies that improvise and make do, trying to do things quickly and cheaply.


  • Technology aware people sensitive organisation that has non intrusive tech that delivers a safer, more efficient, more productive workplace that places people and their safety, performance and growth at the heart of its culture.

Occupancy Based Cleaning

  • Using technology to only clean what has been used and needs cleaning.

Multiple Data Sources

  • Combining data from different databases to create a master database.

Master Database

  • The primary database from where you can interrogate and report.

Reporting Persona

  • Different people with different roles (persona) require different reporting views.

Covid-19 Workplace Monitoring Dashboard

  • A dashboard that shows how your workplace is performing against your workplace standards for managing the Covid return to the workplace.

Occupancy Monitoring

  • The setting of maximum occupancies per floor to achieve workplace safe distancing.


  • When people ignore safe distancing and group together, often detected by sensors and reported via the Covid-19 Workplace Monitoring Dashboard.

Safe Seats

  • Seats that are available for booking that have been sanitised after previous use.

Crisis Management

  • The steps you put in place to manage the crisis.

Post Crisis Recovery

  • The management of the return to work via compliance with government guidelines and managing the delivery of them. Examples are safe distancing, post occupancy sanitisation, booking of workplaces, decongesting reception areas, implementing touchless processes, express check-in, thermal core temperature detection.

Recession Proofing

  • Being ready for the next Covid , Sars or other pandemic.

Relogix Data Reporting

  • The tool to aggregate data into a reporting suite.

Safe Workplace monitoring

  • The reporting system used to check all your crisis recovery steps are working


  • Software as a Service which is a monthly bill you pay for the software and the service of its updating and maintenance.


  • The skill used to review the data and reveal the findings

Safe Workplace Reporting Sources

  • These are the sources that deliver the data to feed reporting in order to for you to get an accurate picture from your Covid-19 Workplace Monitoring Dashboard. They could be visitor management systems, Workplace booking tools like Condeco or desk sensors, badging data.

Integrated Partners

  • These are software based vendors that feed data to each other to enable your workplace efficiency or experience to be optimised.

Pandemic Workplace recommended vendors

  • Visitor Management - Proxyclick / VPOD

  • Desk safety and management - Condeco

  • Workplace safety and management - Condeco

  • Covid-19 Workplace Monitoring Dashboard - Various multiple data source companies

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