Workplace Integration in action at ISE 2020

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Re-imagining your workplace requires a thoughtful approach illustrated here by the folk at Accenture.

Three dimensional in nature let's look at the type of workplace experience re-engineering for a typical Microsoft based organisation and:

  • What can be achieved?

  • What credentials to look for?

  • What capabilities vendors need to have?

Accenture's Research paper whilst only 12 pages long, is packed with useful context that helps you get there.

However what you need is a workplace ecosystem of credible partners who think about your challenges first and pull together to solve them.

See how 1 + 1 = 4 in Workplace experience in this short 2 minute video.

It's not a sales video its a simple example of how to solve "the best Visitor Management" system and service that anyone whose got a service sensitive, meeting clients at head office focused business should watch. Ideal for Legal, accounting and consulting practices.

There is no need to have siloed suppliers delivering a poor workplace experience.

Connect your workplace eco-system and enjoy the better WX feedback and efficiency.

Whilst being reassured that the vendors sit well within your workplace with a credible, scalable set of credentials and capabilities.

Azure Hosted

Gold Partner

Developers Portal

Great easy documentation

Essentially this means peace of mind:

- Flexibility connect any workplace application

- Connect your vendors for optimum workplace experience

Useful Links

Connected Workplace

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