Visitor Management in a Covid-19 back to work world - Touchless check-in.

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

There are some companies that talk about visitor management and others that "do it", below is a quick Introduction to Vodafone and how they manage their visitors.

There are a few good reasons to manage visitors well:

  1. A great 1st Impression

  2. Augment / Cut reception headcount

  3. Declutter or decongest receptions

  4. Handle volume traffic in busy reception areas

  5. Manage a back to work pandemic

  6. Gather data on traffic

  7. Improve Security

  8. Track and Trace visitors

  9. Manage a contract workforce effectively

  10. Peace of Mind

  11. Add Value to your team

  12. Deliver transparency in a digital world

  13. Genius bar support

Here's the first area you need to consider in today's very "new normal world" "Touchless check in" is a key requirement and you may want to look at VPOD and their Covid Visitor Management Centre, that's been repurposed in weeks to address:

- Touchless check-in

- Motion sensor Triggers

- Thermal Cameras

- Advanced Medically certified "Core Temperature Scanners"

- Covid Questionnaire custom workflows

A lot more than a kiosk, VPOD are solution centric, they have fully understood the importance of software rather than just hardware and built an eco-system of Integrations, which is why we recommend them.

Key to pandemic management, is understanding thermal measurement is not accurate enough for Covid Pandemic control, here's why!

Thermal V Covid Core Temperature

  • Thermal is cheap.

  • Takes forehead temperature.

  • That can be influenced by a bike helmet.

  • Or women with menopause, having a hot flush.

Given your asking staff to opt into this scheme, it has to be defensible and accurate non discriminatory measurement, needs to be defensible.


Covid Core Temperature Sensing (not thermal) built by Flir cameras compliant to ISO IEC 80601-2-59:2017 now incorporated within new VGreet installations.


The carotid artery, that carries blood up the neck, runs right behind your tear duct, so measuring your temperature precisely at the tear duct, is the requirement if you want accurate core temperature readings, you can rely on.

Measurement, is accurate to 0.2%, enough to deliver the peace of mind you require and not give false alerts or drive discrimination against undeserving team members.

Understandably, not a job for the underspecified, thermal skin camera!

Routing the alert data into the visitor workflow, is the real value of the camera data, so thats where VPOD come right in, their platform pushes the data into any customised workflow you require.

Routing it to:

- Reception teams

- Front of house management

- Security teams

- Facilities Teams

Giving you, the one tasked with delivering a safe workplace, peace of mind.

Watch the full Introductory Video below.

So lets road test the VPoD VGreet solution, against the long list of requirements, the "new normal" has delivered.

  1. A great 1st Impression

  2. Cut reception headcount

  3. Declutter or decongest receptions

  4. Handle volume traffic in busy reception areas

  5. Manage a back to work pandemic

  6. Gather data on traffic

  7. Improve Security

  8. Track and Trace visitors

  9. Manage a contract workforce effectively

  10. Peace of Mind

  11. Add Value to your team

  12. Deliver transparency in a digital world

  13. Genius bar support

Vpod Covid PDF click the link to download

A great 1st Impression

  • A frictionless experience with express check in is exactly what the end user wants.

  • A motion sensor triggers the Voice prompt, asking you "want to to check in?"

  • A "Yes" answer prompts the checkin screen to load and activates the QR code scanner.

See how VGreet works with Condeco and Proxyclick below:

  • I check-in with my QR code.

  • The Way-finding screen pops to show me how to get to my Meeting Room or Desk.

  • And if I elect I can have these details sent to me.

Wow, that's a great 1st Impression!

Now for the organisational view

Can I review Reception Staff numbers and Cost?

  • That's a firm - yes.

  • Vgreet costs about 80% of a single staff member and case study returns have achieved in excess of £250,000 in savings over 2 years.

  • Return on investment figures vary by site however payback in under a year is common.

Declutter or decongest receptions

  • the transition time through reception is dramatically improved.

  • firstly the motion sensor, voice prompts and QR codes reduce that transit time.

  • secondly, if you integrate with Condeco you are feeding VPOD with all the visitor information prior to arrival.

  • It's fed straight from the meeting invite in outlook thru to VPOD via the integration.

  • Giving nearly 100% of visitor express check-in QR codes.

See the process end to end below

Handle volume traffic in busy reception areas

  • This is where VPOD and VGreet come into their own.

  • The Integration with Condeco means close to 100% of have QR codes.

  • A bank of VGreet's can process 100's of visitor's an hour.

Manage a back to work pandemic

  • Crucial for pandemic management is decongesting the reception which we have covered.

  • Next is the "Touchless check-in" process that removes screen contact.

  • The third is less receptionists to protect them becoming infected or carriers.

  • Then we come to tracking visitors and who they have meet.

Gather data on traffic

  • As VGreet collects visitor data and wether they checked in or not you have the idea reporting data for effective track and trace.

  • While the government is introducing APP based GPS tracking, mobile signals are challenged inside most buildings.

  • Which is why trapping visitor data is key to supplementing the national track and trace.

Below is the diagram of how you collect data on visitors

The folk at Relogix have developed a Pandemic dashboard that gives each "persona" in the workplace their version of the data, sliced how they need it.

Each persona in the workplace has different report access.

Improve Security

  • Workflows feed security teams with data on visitors enabling them to perform.

  • The holistic nature of capture each visitor strengthens the security operation.

  • The key is knowing who actually check-in at what time.

Track and Trace visitors

  • Full data capture provides the peace of mind you require when the department of health come knocking.

  • More importantly your own staff see you have a system in place to protect them till they are vaccinated or recover, depending on their situation.

Manage a contract workforce proportion effectively

  • Firstly there are a number of ways or tackling this dependant on the contract length.

  • Long term contracts may be dealt with simple badging.

  • However VGreet enables you to educate those not permanently in the workforce of the whole building services.

  • Without the need for lengthy inductions.

Peace of Mind

  • If I have 100% of visitors covered.

  • Not touching any surfaces they needn't.

  • With fast transition times.

  • Track and Trace.

  • Reporting dashboards.

  • Just these give me the peace of mind, before covering the workforce and their peace of mind, that you have the back to work program covered.

Add Value to your team

  • Increasing the safety of your workforce adds value.

  • Protecting reception staff from unnecessary exposure.

  • Complimenting security teams track and trace.

  • They all add value.

Deliver transparency in a digital world

  • The fact that your team see you have a safe workplace solution is superb for delivering transparency.

  • The fact you can change sign in surveys and report on pandemic workplace policy control should give them huge transparency and relief.

Genius bar support

  • For those that haven't got receptions manned by staff Vpod have "dialogue".

  • So what is dialogue?

Download the Introductory Vgeet Dialogue and genius bar here.

The Dialogue product enables you to manage conversations remotely and can be deployed in banks, remote receptions.

The key is the routing of calls to those with specific skills sets, so combine VGreet with a skill centre and clever visual call routing and you have a whole new Pandemic management option. Food for thought till the next blog - a topic in itself.

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