sherman2307 UCL Venues - Sodexo Food and Beverage Offering builds

UCL Venues - Sodexo Food and Beverage Offering builds

Updated: Apr 8, 2019

As May 1st Approaches, the new Food and Beverage offer builds to a strong product and the first thing to reveal is "Breakfast is sorted."

Tea and Coffee, Food and Beverage from UCL Venues

We hope you enjoy the great coffee, tea and pastries and look forward to your reviews.

Fresh pastries

Will the picture shows disposable cups, china service is the order of the day!

UCL Venues Fresh Tea and Coffee

With Croissants being the lighter bite if pastries and biscuits are not your fancy.

Fresh Croissants

Bacon and succulent Lettuce

Crunchy Biscuits with your Coffee

We are finalising the following before launch May 1st

Day delegate Rates with good value good, better, best ranges of standard fare

An a la carte "user chooser" selection to cater for every dietary variant that UCL's rich cultural heritage is used to enjoying.

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