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Updated: Jul 24, 2020

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The workplace just isn't as intuitive as our consumer world, why?


There are natural barriers to adoption of technology in business

- Single decision maker in consumer v investment cases in business

- Personal security decision times v business sign off times

- Personal value decision v multiple business personnel and their value perception

Deloitte nailed the reasons in their Growth of Human Capital reports

These studies cover many countries and senior figures in business, their views and trends and are worth a read, especially in these times.

They deliver on highlighting exactly the challenges businesses are facing, so if your in B2B or B2b then worth a read. Albeit you need a pot of tea or coffee as they are comprehensive but well researched!

2013 report

2014 report

2015 report

2016 report

2017 report

2018 report

2019 report

So why the issue?

We have used this image before however its:

- Representative of a typical workplace and the problem or challenge the CTO or Facilities or Corporate Real Estate folk are trying to crack.

- Lots of different areas in their businesses, each with a system that is siloed and isolated.

- Each system with different vendors the businesses have selected, who have developed their solution to meet a need:-

- However their developments have been completed in isolation, narrow in context.

- Never thinking of the customer that consumes the siloed end service and product and how they are impacted.

What do I mean?

Let me explain, each solution has data or events that would be really useful to another system, but the integration just isn't there!

Let me colour that in with a practical example(s)

- An IWMS or integrated workplace management system (bit of a misnomer) holds useful data and images, floor plans, as an example.

"Imagine your in a workplace an its a big building lots of contractors or visitors arriving daily"

- The floor plan in the IWMS system isn't integrated to the Map provider so they cannot use the data to give you a visual guide of where you are on your mobile phone!

- The map provider relies on GPS or a mobile signal to relay your position in the building relative to the map. Mobile signals are often poor in buildings!

- The Wifi or Beacon Technology that may be in the building (HP Aruba) isn't linked to the Internal map provider (although if John Howells has anything to do with it he'll advise you how to get it done)

In those three instances, you can see how an IWMS system integrated to a Map provider, who in turn links to sensors, beacons or wifi can transform "the experience for your employees, visitors or contractors" - hence the term connected workplace. #connectedworkplace

So, returning to the diagram let's explain the wider context:

- The MESH iron grid signifies a "reinforcing grid" in a wall, ie concrete isn't strong when used in a wall unless it has a grid the reinforce it.

- Similarly, the workplace and its experience and efficiency are weak without data and events passing between the different vendors.

- In fact the health of the workplace in terms of its optimum performance to deliver the best workplace experience for the employees and the most efficient use of all of its assets.

So what do you need to do to start driving the "Connected Workplace" in your business?

1. Identify how many of your workplace Vendors have APi's

- what's that in layman's language?

Whilst that's a wikipedia version here the Simon Hunt version, An APi is a chat between two pieces of software, exchanging data, from each others database.

Example Siri is just Apple's tool for interrogating 100's of APi's to give you the answer.

How do they work?

This is actually very simple

One piece of software asks another a question, the other responds.

Essentially asking one database have you got this and then updating its records

Here's a simple tip to Remember how they work:

C reate

R ead

U pdate

D elete

There are many types of APi however they all do the same 4 things.

So if one piece of software know's something that its been told to write into the other piece of software's database then one system can use data or events from the other.

Practical Example or Use Case - Transform your visitor management

In the example below

- The Condeco system is talking to Microsoft via an APi

- Feeding Host and guest details for a meeting event from one system to another.

- Condeco feed that via a Visitor Management APi, so that an invite is sent to the visitor or guest from the visitor management system.

In summary Microsoft talks to Condeco that talks to the visitor management system, hence the term, "Connected Workplace."

Here we start to get into three key world's

- Microsoft Digital Transformation

- Microsoft Workplace Experience

- Microsoft Workplace Efficiency

The Wow Visitor Experience Part 1 - "I can find it I have everything I need"

The guest receives a really smart invite

All the details you'd love them to have as well as:

The Wow Visitor Experience Part 2 - "A great arrival and a slick experience, that works!"

How to get hold of their host

- And a barcode to scan them into the building on arrival, rather than have them bother reception

- The code hits the visitor database and tells the visitor management system to do two things:-

- send and SMS to the meeting host

- send the host an email


1. A wow first impression for guests

2. An uncluttered reception

3. Less mundane work for reception staff

4. Less reception staff if you want to achieve that cost objective

5. A more efficient, safer reception area

6. A host that's informed instantly

7. A bar code that can also be enabled for security gate access

8. Collection of every visitors details and who they saw and when

9. The ability to ask visitor certain questions (multi-choice on arrival)

10. The ability to alert security if the visitor is on a watchlist

11. The ability to safely operate in a pandemic with less stress and more traceability

Useful Links

Connected Workplace

Glossary of Terms and meanings

Microsoft Office 365 enhanced

  • Condeco extends office 365 so that simplistic bookers can find rooms and their characteristics easily.

The safe workplace Office 365 enhanced

  • Condeco delivers a safe workplace through its social distancing of meeting room seats and desk spacing and sanitisation features.

The safe workplace Office 365 enhanced

  • The safe workplace with distancing and sanitisation can be added to office 365 via the add-in.

Microsoft workplaces on demand,

  • Condeco adds desk and room booking on demand to office 365.

Microsoft smart workplace

  • We believe Condeco enhances Microsoft to deliver a smart workplace through its features and their benefits and their partner integrations.

A safe Microsoft enhanced workplace

  • Condeco enable the Microsoft productivity suite to deliver a safer workplace.

Microsoft workplace experience

  • Condeco and their partners help deliver a better Microsoft powered workplace experience with more efficient processes.

Workplace experience re-engineering

  • Condeco and their partners enable a re-engineered workplace to be delivered using technology to deliver a digital workplace.

Microsoft workplace efficiency

  • Condeco and its partners enable the more efficient processes to be delivered by enhancing Microsoft's core productivity suite Outlook.

Microsoft digital transformation

  • Those looking to digitally transform the workplace can do so extending and enhancing Microsoft.

Microsoft safe check-in

  • VPOD an Proxyclick extend Condeco and Microsoft to deliver a safe check-in through faster processes and less congested reception areas.

Microsoft touchless check-in

  • Proxyclick and Condeco deliver through the Integration with Condeco the touchless check-in to Microsoft customers.

Microsoft express check-in

  • Proxyclick and Condeco deliver through the Integration with Condeco the express check-in using their invites and QR codes for Microsoft customers.

The safe workplace

  • Condeco enable the safe workplace with their core desk and room products and their integrations with partners like VPOD and Proxyclick.

The safe workplace assigned seats

  • Assigned or bookable seats ensure no one is allowed to just sit where they like and not safe distance, without the use of tape.

The safe workplace hot desk

  • This is now delivered through the Condeco desk booking, safe spacing and sanitisation feature.

The safe workplace meeting rooms

  • delivered by using Condeco to safe distance seats and sanitise the rooms with its vendor management feature queuing work orders to cleaning vendors.

The safe workplace visitor management

  • Delivered Through the Condeco VPOD and Proxyclick integrations.

Covid-19 back to the workplace,

  • Term for recovery to the workplace post lockdown but prior to vaccination.

Safe workplace distancing

  • Term used for Meeting Room and Desk seating efficient 2 metre spacing delivered using the desk and room booking Condeco APP.

Safe reception distancing

  • Delivered by decongesting the reception area with invites delivered to visitors with QR codes, enable pre registration, touchless and express check-in. This decongests reception areas using the Condeco VPOD and Proxyclick check-in.