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The enhanced workplace for Microsoft customers

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Good to see the video of Simon Cohen explaining the Condeco workplace at ISE in Amsterdam recently, where it was clear that there was significant interest - 137 demonstrations of the connected workplace.

Why is this significant?

It shows Condeco being customer centric not product centric in realising the power of connecting the different applications to provide:

  • A better Workplace experience

  • A more efficient workplace


Essentially feeding key data and events or triggers from on system to another.

For example sending visitor data to a visitor management system.

Fig 1 Connected workplace Video

How does the connected workplace solve an issue in the real world for the customer?

Below is an example of how four integrations collectively deliver a vastly improved experience and a more efficient process with the ability to remove cost too!

Fig 2 Process flow from Microsoft Outlook to reception barrier entry

A meeting invite from Microsoft Outlook is synchronised via exchange to Condeco.

1. Condeco Integrate to Office 365 Microsoft cloud product

2.That uses Microsoft exchange to store room and desk data

3. Condeco enhance outlook with detailed room and desk data

4. Condeco enhances booking the meeting room

5. Preventing no shows as it “bumps” room bookings for no shows

6. Condeco Synch keeps outlook and Condeco data in synch

7. That stops double bookings of the same room

8. Means you can use Condeco mobile apps or outlook to book

9. Either method outlook has the right time and information

10. Condeco passes guest data to Proxyclick via their integration

11. Proxyclick send an enhanced meeting invite to the guest

Fig 3 Part 1 invite Proxyclick

12.Branded with wayfinding and host contact information

Fig 4 Part 2 invite Proxyclick with barcode access and host contact detail

13. With the barcode access for rapid reception check-in

14. And with the same barcode entry thru the access barrier

15. A scan of the barcode

Via Proxyclick ipad Or Vpod Vgreet And you are in (two price points VPOD is the premium product)

16. On check-in the host is notified by email & SMS

Fig 5 Proxyclick Video

Fig 6 Vpod scanning and visitor wayfinding screen access

Fig 7 The data flow to a reporting tool so that you as a real estate or FM owner can manage the occupants of the building in real time with different data views for different stakeholders.

For more please ask.

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Glossary of Terms and meanings

Microsoft office 365 enhanced

  • Condeco extends office 365 so that simplistic bookers can find rooms and their charecteristics easily.

The safe workplace o365 enhanced

  • Condeco delivers a safe workplace through its social distancing of meeting room seats and desk spacing and sanitisation features.

The safe workplace office 365 enhanced

  • The safe workplace with distancing and sanitisation can be added to office 365 via the add-in.

Microsoft workplaces on demand,

  • Condeco adds desk and room booking on demand to office 365.

Microsoft smart workplace

  • We believe Condeco enhances Microsoft to deliver a smart workplace through its features and their benefits and their partner integrations.

A safe Microsoft enhanced workplace

  • Condeco enable the Microsoft productivity suite to deliver a safer workplace.

Microsoft workplace experience

  • Condeco and their partners help deliver a better Microsoft powered workplace experience with more efficient processes.

Workplace experience re-engineering

  • Condeco and their partners enable a re-engineered workplace to be delivered using technology to deliver a digital workplace.

Microsoft workplace efficiency

  • Condeco and its partners enable the more efficient processes to be delivered by enhancing Microsoft's core productivity suite Outlook.

Microsoft digital transformation

  • Those looking to digitally transform the workplace can do so extending and enhancing Microsoft.

Microsoft safe check-in

  • VPOD an Proxyclick extend Condeco and Microsoft to deliver a safe check-in through faster processes and less congested reception areas.

Microsoft touchless check-in

  • Proxyclick and Condeco deliver through the Integration with Condeco the touchless check-in to Microsoft customers.

Microsoft express check-in

  • Proxyclick and Condeco deliver through the Integration with Condeco the express check-in using their invites and QR codes for Microsoft customers.

The safe workplace

  • Condeco enable the safe workplace with their core desk and room products and their integrations with partners like VPOD and Proxyclick.

The safe workplace assigned seats

  • Assigned or bookable seats ensure no one is allowed to just sit where they like and not safe distance, without the use of tape.

The safe workplace hot desk

  • This is now delivered through the Condeco desk booking, safe spacing and sanitisation feature.

The safe workplace meeting rooms

  • delivered by using Condeco to safe distance seats and sanitise the rooms with its vendor management feature queuing work orders to cleaning vendors.

The safe workplace visitor management

  • Delivered Through the Condeco VPOD and Proxyclick integrations.

Covid-19 back to the workplace,

  • Term for recovery to the workplace post lockdown but prior to vaccination.

Safe workplace distancing

  • Term used for Meeting Room and Desk seating efficient 2 metre spacing delivered using the desk and room booking Condeco APP.

Safe reception distancing

  • Delivered by decongesting the reception area with invites delivered to visitors with QR codes, enable pre registration, touchless and express check-in. This decongests reception areas using the Condeco VPOD and Proxyclick check-in.

Desk booking check-list

  • Complying with the Covid back to workplace and call centre guidelines.

Mobile and Web booking

  • delivery of safe booking through own device booking, removing surfaces that you need to touch and sanitise.

Desk status free busy

  • delivered by the Condeco APP so the desk booker knows what's free, busy and available, whilst also seeing safe distancing from the floor plan.

Desk status unavailable sanitisation required

  • delivered by the Condeco APP when the desk is finished with but suspended from use requiring sanitisation and release.

Desk vendor message cleaning list

  • Delivered through the desk booking vendor management module.

Vendor change status

  • Delivered by the Condeco APP when the cleaning or catering vendor change the status of an order.

Desk GPS check-in

  • Delivered by The Condeco desk booking APP that delivers touchless check-in to your desk through the GPS HQ association triggered by your mobile device.

Desk GPS checkout

  • Delivered when a user leaves the building for a certain time, checking them out of the desk.

Desk integration Vpod

  • New module delivered by VPOD's desk integration with Condeco. Enables Desk booking from VPOD.

Desk way-finding

  • Delivered by VPOD and its integration to Condeco

Desk booking integration

  • VPOD feature enabling desks to be booked using the VGreet kiosks, useful for Post Covid or unscheduled bookings.

Desk spacing

  • Achieved with The Condeco App deploying safe distancing of desks and room seats and blocking out other seats to demonstrate safe distancing.

Desk spacing transparency

  • Delivers safe distancing by blocking out desks in between, opposite each other and deploying that on the booking app to deliver psychological safety to the desk booker.

Desk booking day of week phasing

  • Delivered by the Condeco app allowing day of the week booking if you've a phased use desk policy.

Desk booking close area.

  • Delivered by the Condeco APP which allows areas or zones to be closed and auto-cancels forward bookings pushing notifications to those that have booked to rebook.

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