The Connected Workplace have you connected your ecosystem?

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

Today's workplace managers have to design their future organisation and how it will deliver to all the different stakeholders two main objectives:

1. The workplace that enables an organisation to attract talent and retain it be it salaried or contracted workforce.

2. The Workplace that has optimum efficiency delivering the best return on the real estate and Capex/ Opex expense.


That hasn't be any different for years, so just how is the future workplace going to deliver?

Well some believe the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result, so the answer has to be something different.

And at the moment, we have different, unconnected silo's of suppliers, fixing their chosen issue, however not the whole workplace.


1. To move out of insanity, we stop having silo's.

2. We stop them by moving in one of two directions:-

- we become a platform. delivering the whole solution, being a generalist at everything and poor at most of them.

- we stay specialists in what we do, however we attract an ecosystem of relevant specialists, connect them and this ensures that 1+1 =3 that 1+1+1=5 or the sum of what you connect is way greater, than if you just add the parts together, but don't connect them.

You now become relevant to the customer because your adding to the "1+1+1= 5 solution" not your the "1" modular cog, he/she, can switch out any time.


Google "relevance" definition

Relevance is the concept of one topic being connected to another topic in a way that makes it useful to consider the second topic, when considering the first.

In the workplace how do you measure "the relevance" of the workplace?

- By how often its used?

- By the workplace occupancy?

- By satisfaction of the users with the workplace?

- By how intuitive it is?

- By how productive people are?

- By how efficient the space or building is?

- By how many people minutes the floor or building is used?

Relevance should actually be:

1. Is the workplace experience good enough to attract top talent and keep them productive?

2. Is the process of the workplace efficient, ie do I get an effective return on the investment?

So if your a supplier to today's workplace, experience and efficiency are your mutual goals, and they will make you relevant.

Let's look at a couple of brands that have pulled that off remarkably well in recent years and they are in the top three brands by current value:

Apple is one, Amazon the other, we could talk about Microsoft as well however they are following the same ecosystem approach to stay relevant in today's fast moving world!

Let's take their Iphone as its their biggest product:

I'd argue the Phone is a good collection of

- a web browser

- a phone

- a million songs in your pocket

I'd argue, posture the Jobs was simply tackling the same disconnected solio's that we have in today's workplace!

However, that is not what made the Iphone RELEVANT it just added a tonne of value.

Here is what made them relevant
Here is what made them relevant

Here is what started to make it relevant to you, the app store, suddenly you have a "5" that you could tailor. Personalising your device to serve you up exactly what you wanted from 100,000's of App's.

Relevance, I can tailor this device to anything i desire
Relevance, I can tailor this device to anything i desire

Now the Iphone was relevant, however there was a master stroke behind the APP store and then another apple move.

Move 1 : The app store had rules to comply with, so everything, the ecosystem, delivered two things

- A Great Experience

- An Efficient process

It just worked, it took no time to tailor your phone, as long as the App suppliers complied with APP store standards that guaranteed you got those two things.

Move 2 : Then they launched continuity!

They started to link the Iphone, the MacBook, the Imac and Ipad so that you got an enhanced experience, the more devices you had, the better the experience, the more joined up the process = efficiency!

I'm not going to explain the next Company, but they followed the same model

Relevance, I can buy and get anything i desire, communication edge
Relevance, I can buy and get anything i desire

Different Company, different market, same approach:

- a great shopping experience

- a really efficient delivery and query process

However, same thing, what made them relevant?

The huge Amazon marketplace!

So Imagine every workplace is a mini Apple or Amazon, ask your selves these questions?

- Are you going to make every component yourself?

- No you just wrap everything in a great experience that's efficient.

So here's why and how you do that?

Connect the workplace, deliver the Connected Workplace, deliver the same ecosystem value to your customers, then you don't have to sell it a great workplace, just make the purchase path easy, "walk in enjoy".

Do not try and self deliver the whole solution - you'll fail

Simply connect them all.

I had the privilege, to watch a great bunch of people, come together at ISE in Amsterdam, a collection of like minded souls, that just had one vision deliver a great customer experience in an efficient workplace.

The Connected Workplace - Vision

Simon Cohen explains what 15 determined folk demonstrated to 137 customers in just three days, hard work, but never seen such a committed team, pull together and deliver so well in such a short time. Well done guys you know who you are!

The Vision Expanded - Ricoh and Condeco delivering the Connected Workplace, step by step.

Ricoh and Condeco "get the connected workplace" it's not slideware, they are delivering it.

One simple example of that vision coming to life

One small example, one small use case, making desk booking and checking in and out efficient, then delivering the visibility, in great reporting, in real time.

I can't wait to reveal the next innovations in this covid-19 world and help play our part in getting everyone back to work!


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