The best Workplace Experience-How do you deliver it?

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Transform your business performance

2 X Customer satisfaction

2 X Innovation revenue from new products and services

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WX Workplace Video - by Avanade

So what is workplace experience?

It's the combination of Technology , operations and culture that allow employees to perform.

In summary treating employees like customers!

In a study by Avanade this is what they found:

"96% of senior decision-makers agree that a successful WX transformation requires a holistic approach across technology and physical workspaces, operations, culture and employee experience".

So how does a Workplace innovator get there?

You have to start with a vision of the workplace you want to create, however you also have to recognise your workplace is a combination of siloed systems that don't talk to each other.

Key to your new Workplace design is cracking these siloed offerings and getting them to talk to each other.

Quite literally every workplace will have a Building Management System that controls the building and its infrastructure, however that will not know:

- the occupancy of the building?

- the number of desks booked today?

- where they are booked, which floor?

- what time of day they are booked?

- are the meeting rooms busy?

- how many visitors are due in reception?

So your first challenge in the design phase is gathering data.

How are we going to get there?

Which system feeds our data dashboard so we. can get insights?

Too often people start with a sensor survey (we recommend Relogix, as they have the sensors however they have a multi data source reporting platform

However whilst that provides a snapshot of data and the insights it doesn't deliver a workplace experience like no other.

Supplier Selection - Shared Vision

In essence, to get the best workplace experience you have to have suppliers who:

- have open APi's that share data from your building, events or data triggers with others.

- you have to plot how will that data add value to another system, use case by use case

- how will you get your visitors that are in outlook into your front of house reception?

- how do you give them a personalised branded invite and directions to your building?

- can they have a security badge in their hand before they arrive?

- when it is scanned, will it check them in, notify the meeting host and check any visitor blacklist?

- how do people find the meeting room?

- how to they receive wifi login details to your guest or work network?

- when they get to the building how do they know where colleagues are?

The answer is in the data and systems that talk to each other - you however have now got to:

- find the data piece that are crucial that are in one system but don't feed another

- select the use cases where a piece of data here feeds there and 1 + 1 = 3+

- select what you want to drive Workplace Experience or Workplace efficiency from a list of business drivers.

Download the Research PDF?

Not Easy, however not impossible!

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