Microsoft Based Visitor Management - Touchless

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Extending Microsoft and every meeting room invite to track and trace every visitor who they visited and when, is one of the Corporate Real Estate and FM's area of concern.

We explain this CTO and Facilities option of:

  • Extending Microsoft to Condeco

  • Condeco do far more than manage your Meeting Rooms and Desks , turning them into bookable assets within Outlook.

  • They export the visitor and host data from the meeting invites to Proxyclick via an integration

  • Proxyclick send out a branded superb invite to your visitors with a QR code that delivers express check-in.

  • At the Ipad or Scanner the QR code checks the visitor in and Proxyclick notify the host via email and SMS.

  • You have the option to extend the QR code to your access control barriers to declutter reception

  • Another to zone the QR code to access certain floors

  • Another to customised Visitor workflows distinguishing between contracts for example and visitors

  • And add specific, tailored, yes/no answered questions to screen visitors

Want to know more here are some simple videos:

Simple Introduction

Touchless Check-in

Impress Visitors Proxyclick Introduction

Customise Check In Workflows

Customise badges

Any Badge and printer flexibility

Slick - declutter reception check in

Design medical / health screening questions

Take advantage of access control barrier express check in or fast track

Create and manage a visitor watchlist

Deal with multiple tenants sharing a reception area , with different needs

Dimension Data Case Study

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