Microsoft and Condeco and the connected workplace

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

So how does Condeco deliver a connected workplace?

As a Microsoft Gold Partner Condeco has long established credentials of working very closely with Microsoft.

As Top 25 Independent Software Vendor access to Microsoft beta releases and product teams is a huge advantage to enhance the Microsoft Outlook productivity suite.

What do we mean "enhance the Microsoft Outlook productivity suite?"

  • Outlook is an excellent meeting organiser but lacks the detail of rooms and desk data that Condeco surfaces inside its software.

  • The two Synchronise each other for meeting room and desk data via Exchange resources.

What does that mean?

  • That Microsoft Outlook has accurate live room and desk availability at all times.

  • That regardless of booking via outlook with the Condeco add-in or Condeco the room and desk data is kept accurate.

  • Advantages being irrespective of preference "live availability is accurate"

  • Advanced users who want access to room features, like what kit has the room got in it use Condeco.

  • Advanced users that want services delivered to the room use Condeco.

  • I just want a room or desk can book via Outlook using familiar workflows.

Fig 2 Condeco and Azure Cloud resources

Azure Cloud resources are understood by most CTO's as secure with high performance and low latency.

The network of servers is vast, delivering very high performance, with "sovereign data integrity as a key asset. This HP article sums up the top 10 benefits

The key regions are here, but note they are now at 54 regions

Using Azure APIM to manage your API's is another reassuring Condeco attrribute and factor for CTO's that have chosen Microsoft.

These are neatly summed up in this Microsoft documentation however, Condeco use APIM to deliver their user friendly Condeco Developers Portal.

This enables developers to access Condeco API's in a secure environment with full backward compatibility.

Condeco can therefore extend its Microsoft enhancements to any application or partner it wishes easily, knowing that:

  • The Condeco application is protected.

  • That Throttling of calls and development sign off, ensure end users get a great experience.

  • That Partner developers will find the resource easy to use

  • That Partner commercial return on investment, is fast, as a result.

Combining solutions then becomes simple to deliver the Workplace Experience customers desire and the efficiency that facilities managers expect and rightly demand.

Condeco have just released the video's of its latest Integration Partners here:

Microsoft Teams

Proxyclick visitor management

Ricoh Smart Spaces

VPOD Visitor management

For more information we are delighted to help.

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