Google - How does the whole organisation move fast

Few can argue Google's expansion has been impressive, how has that been achieved?

Find out here.

Competitive Communication Edge, Google, Communication Edge
Competitive Communication Edge, Google

How Google moves quickly to innovate, implement and tweak new ideas.

The entire organisation uses Visual Communication, yes good old face to face communication.

Communication Edge, Google's Competitive Communication Edge
Googles Video 1st Policy - The numbers

99,000 People engaged across 53 countries and 150 Cities.

That's what I call a video or Visual Communication 1st Policy!

They add 50 new Video Enabled Rooms every week, to the 18,000 rooms.

- an extra 2,500 new rooms where you meet on video face to face every year.

  • 23,000 endpoints connected

  • 120 million minutes of video every DAY!

Why are they using so much face to face communication?

- Like Logitech

- Like Condeco

Google understand behaviour and how you learn:-

- something to do with their Search engine experience

- something to do with their YouTube experience

So what are the key LEARNING metrics

  • Words are 7% of a meeting message and go into the short term memory

  • Tone 35% of a message, is in the tone

  • Body language 58% of a message, is in the body language

This ensures Google hasn't got these statistics where:

  • 67% of Line Managers cannot deliver

  • only 1 in 6 or 13% are actively engaged in their company

  • nearly half the employees would not recommend their employer to a friend

Communication Edge, Symptoms of a communication problem
Deloitte Human Capital Survey, which Communication Edge advises is the tip of the iceberg, caused by poor communication

These scary statistics emerged from a Deloitte Global Human Capital Survey in 2016 of 3,000 companies in over 30 countries.

Communication Edge, Deloitte Human Capital Report on the importance of a performance culture
Both Investors and Senior Business Leaders believe a performance business culture to be important.

Communication edge point to:

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