Enhance Microsoft Exchange to Manage your workplace in Covid-19

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

10 Reasons you need to enhance Exchange in tomorrow's workplace now, so we can get back to work.

To some of us it is we are becoming painfully aware that the workplace is going to change until we find a reliable route to manage the virus impact.

Social Distancing

  • Impact on the office floor spacing.

  • Impact on decluttering reception areas.

Cleaning Regimes

  • Cleaning regimes for occupied seating areas.


  • Simply touching surfaces regularly.

  • Wiping surfaces.


Who came into contact when?

Who visited us that subsequently presented symptoms?

Timing - its now, get ready!

So now with the workplace occupancies at near zero is the time to look at how we are going to manage a return to work?


So let us look at our tools and see if they are going to manage the new era of right now and tomorrow so we can get back to rebuilding our economy and businesses.

The diagram above questions, how does Microsoft Exchange manage the workplace resources we have today?

  1. Can it manage desk booking resources, availability and assigned seating for tracking?

  2. Can it manage who sat in what hot desk next to who at what time?

  3. Can it tell meeting room hardware whether the meeting room is busy, active or no one showed?

  4. Can I see available desk and room resources on a mobile and book in?

  5. Can I see colleagues and whether they are in and where they are sitting?

  6. Can I order catering for my important new starter meeting?

  7. Can I manage vendors and advise them of timing changes or cancellations?

  8. Can I send details to my cleaners of which rooms and desks need cleaning?

  9. Can I send vital visitor data to a visitor management system so my reception isn't cluttered?

  10. Can I send vital room booking and desk booking data to a wayfinding system?

The simple answer is we need to supplement Microsoft Exchange with a Workplace Management system , however one that compliments Exchange:

  • That is Microsoft Accredited,

  • Secure,

  • Cloud Based,

  • Updates every 2 weeks,

  • Has API's for third party systems,

  • And is based on a scalable Azure platform.

Time to get that review in place, me thinks.

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