Data and the new workplace - how will it impact the Microsoft workplace?

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

In our last blog we looked at three major influences driving the workplace changes:-

  • Covid-19 the catalyst for Digital transformation

  • Teams and the adoption and retention of 100 million active daily users

  • The middle workplace and its impact on both home and old HQ workplaces

We began to touch on Technology and its ability as an enable you to capture robust data:

  • Data that will not be questioned when it reaches the C-Suite for important decisions.

  • Data that is robust and drives critical and changing KPI's.

  • Data the can inform insights into shifting patterns and how to adapt.

  • Data triggers that power the powerful, predictive and intuitive workplace to keep it relevant.

Data its three way role in our future workplace, Communication Edge
Data its three way role in our future workplace

Data and Dashboards

Data will power dashboards from the simplistic workplace that takes feeds from:

  • Workplace scheduling tools

  • Visitor management platforms (not systems)

  • IT and infrastructure usage

  • Devices and preferences

  • Software and preferences

The advanced Workplaces will incorporate additional feeds from :-

  • HR systems

  • Learning and development systems

  • Training Systems

  • IWMS Systems

  • Unified Communication systems

  • Workplace Productivity systems

  • GPS and Mobile Systems

  • Sensors and cameras

  • Smart building Systems

  • Vendor management systems

  • Digital Signage

  • Way-finding

  • Data input hardware - screens

Ultimately these systems will all feed one big very secure global data lake:

  • That data lake will host a bunch of data triggers

  • Those triggers will feed different systems to create designed workflows

  • Those workflows will in turn design and determine your experience

  • Which, in turn will inform the data lake and drive a further set of workflows

  • That will drive development programmes that accelerate "learning"

  • The learning will be split into individual, team, project and organisational

  • Which will feed the data lake to inform performance dashboards

Data Triggers Teams and Workplaces, Communication Edge
Data Triggers Teams and Workplaces

If you take a tiny subset of that world you can see the impressive impact and the consequences for the new corporate "informed animal" and the workplace.

The above diagram shows the impact of teams on the workplace of the Covid and post Covid world, which we will explore to emphasise where data and triggers can take the workplace experience.

Given you have Teams and three dominant workplaces:

  • The Home

  • The middle office, touchdown, team, satellite office or near home office

  • The Old Corporate HQ

So imagine the data lake and what it knows from all the feeds listed above, powered in real time by API's that inform one system, after the other, in one connected corporate world.

You awake in the morning, your apple watch or smart device tells the world your active.

  • next the GPS position informs your schedule that your at home and too late to get to the near office or old workplace

  • your schedule immediately alters every meeting your attending to remote working at home

  • you are still in the shower however AI powered by the data lake is updating the corporate meetings you are having

  • telling them to right size the meeting room as it knows now how many folk are attending in person

  • the caterers are informed to cut the menu from 8 attendees and lower the serve demands for the meeting

  • the cleaning staff are notified that the meeting room needs x% less of a clean

  • the reception system Vgreet is told not to expect you

  • your access to the systems and desk preferences in the offices you normally use are set to standby no need today.

  • the risk system has adjust the head office load and the corporate insurance system to adjust settings for the day.

  • the automated coffee shop at the station has crossed you off the 0617 light latte list that you would have otherwise picked up en-route.

All this happened because one system talked to a data lake and transmitted your data triggers to different systems.

Linked Data Lakes can then Inform each other
Linked Data Lakes can then Inform each other

Imagine now that the data lake was connected to several others, for example:

  • Your city suburb data lake that informs all traffic systems and local rail and related automated services

  • the traffic light sequences get shorter so everyone knows you and 3424 other folk aren't moving that day.

  • Your "opt in" leisure data lakes tell your selected friends your energy levels and exercise preferences and connect to line up the lunchtime squash league match with harry.

  • Your home data lake services power up the coffee machine, aircon and data to have everything ready in your office with your favourite music courtesy of alexa's API.

  • You had a late night so the music is not AC DC, but soothing.

  • Your wife gets a message to say your picking the kids up, as your schedule has the right time allowances.

  • Your wife's personal settings increase her exercise time at the gymn, (she missed gymn yesterday) and tell her coffee morning friends, she will be staying a little later to catch up on key news.

  • Her private preferences adapt to change her diet and grocery order as she needs to get into "that dress in 3 weeks time."

This is a snapshot of how in about 3 seconds the world adapts to you when data, triggers and workflows combine with your preferences.

So the workplace can be re-engineered for those that:

  • Understand data lakes and triggers

  • Work with suppliers that get the importance of Data to make your future real estate decisions.

  • Right now the very best suppliers who will get you back to the office safely, deliver technology quickly and integrate with each other to give you :

  • Desk and room utilisation - Condeco

  • Reception pre-registration and visitor/guest data - Vpod and Proxyclick

  • All three integrate with each other to provide enhanced experiences

VPOD and Condeco Video

Proxyclick and Condeco Video

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