sherman2307 Covid - 19 The enhanced Microsoft Workplace Experience

Covid - 19 The enhanced Microsoft Workplace Experience

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How to manage;

- Business Continuity today

- Return to work in a few weeks/months time

Ideally we want to ensure four types of workplace occupant are kept safe and catered for:

  • Permanent workers with "Assigned" seating

  • Agile workers with "bookable on demand hot desks"

  • Meeting room hosts and their guests

  • Visitors to the building

Desirable workplace requirements form a long list:

(for the Covid 19 time beyond the normal requirements)

Permanent workers

- assign seats 2 meters apart for social distancing

- track the occupancy by seat to make sure the floor isn't getting overcrowded

- track what seats needs sterilising so the cleaners only clean what has been sat in!

- should a permanent worker become ill , traceability of who they have been in contact with

- the identification of any clustering points in real time, so we know where issues are

- managing target occupancy across the floor

Fig 1 Seats recently used - need cleaning

Fig 2 Seats ready to go by floor with correct social distancing

Agile workers

- who has booked and used which spaces?

- what spaces need cleaning and sterilising?

- on demand booking through outlook, a hot desk booking system

- being able to book via mobile or desktop device

Fig 3 Desk Booking mobile worker

Meeting room

- who has booked what room when?

- we want to manage right sizing the room for optimum efficiency?

- on demand booking through outlook, and a room booking system

- synchronisation of the booking system and outlook in real time

- booking via mobile or desktop device or the screen outside the room

- touch screens for instant booking via rfid card

Fig 4 Meeting Room screen with auto bump no shows and centrally controlled “screen manager”

So how do we achieve that?

Ideally we want the meeting room invite in Outlook to feed the visitor management invite with visitor and meeting host data!

Fig 5 Condeco feeding a visitor management system with visitor data from Outlook.

Most visitor management systems are designed round the visitor and the reception and security experience.

To get all the visitor and host data by "every meeting room" then you have to tackle it at the source which is:

  • Outlook, which is enhanced by Condeco's unique Microsoft Synch product that keeps everything in Condeco and Outlook synchronised in real time.

  • Condeco also delivers the Meeting Room and Hot Desk booking that deliver on demand resources whilst auto cancelling "no shows" (can be as high as 37%)

  • Condeco has the Room and Desk attendee booking and attendee data, vital for tracking who booked and sat near who data.

If you combine a visitor management system with Condeco and Outlook you get a complete On demand agile working system that compliments the fixed workplace "sensor based data"

Fig 6 Data flow: So you end up with a data flow like below:

However to gain control you have to pull the data into a multiple data source reporting suite as per the diagram below.

Fig 7 How to collect data for your new workplace dashboard

Then you can get the insights you want that cover.

Fig 8 Covid 19 Reporting System

Fig 9 Benefits of Covid-19 dashboard

Feeds from:

- Sensor data

- Visitor Management Data

- Condeco

Gives you the ultimate Pandemic Dashboard, which when the event is over, leaves you with a Microsoft based Workplace Experience and Efficiency system.

The whole process is re-engineered with process and cost recovery upsides that quickly return your required return on investment and payback periods.

So in one Microsoft based solution we now have a Microsoft Workplaces On demand solution.

  • The users have no different workflows so training is minimal for a huge gain in flexibleworking.

  • Because the perceived and actual value is there, adoption is fast.

  • No one hogs meeting rooms, no shows self cancel the room booking for on demand use

  • Outlook availability is synchronised

For HR , Facilities and Corporate Real Estate we now have our four worker type pandemic solution:

  • Assigned Seats that can be managed to ensure social distancing and occupancy are maintained.

  • On demand meeting room and hot desk booking data with traceability as to who booked what?

  • Pandemic management so that we know who sat where and came into contact with who so we can get back to work but manage three types of worker/employee:

  • Those that have had the virus, those that haven't and those that have become infected.

  • We have a visitor management solution that is feed by outlook, minimises reception costs that also reduces reception crowding/clustering.

  • The same visitor management system reports visitor data into our reporting system.

  • And manages any pandemic or other visitor data security, HR or facilities require.

Here's the data sources required to keep your workplace safe for:

  • Fixed Assigned workplace staffers

  • On Demand meeting room and desk users

  • Visitors coming to meet a meeting host

CTO Benefits:

  • Keep a Microsoft front end workflow

  • Deliver Pandemic return to work business continuity

  • ROI from reception staff cuts and higher productivity

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Glossary of Terms and meanings

Microsoft office 365 enhanced

  • Condeco extends office 365 so that simplistic bookers can find rooms and their charecteristics easily.

The safe workplace o365 enhanced

  • Condeco delivers a safe workplace through its social distancing of meeting room seats and desk spacing and sanitisation features.

The safe workplace office 365 enhanced

  • The safe workplace with distancing and sanitisation can be added to office 365 via the add-in.

Microsoft workplaces on demand,

  • Condeco adds desk and room booking on demand to office 365.

Microsoft smart workplace

  • We believe Condeco enhances Microsoft to deliver a smart workplace through its features and their benefits and their partner integrations.

A safe Microsoft enhanced workplace

  • Condeco enable the Microsoft productivity suite to deliver a safer workplace.

Microsoft workplace experience

  • Condeco and their partners help deliver a better Microsoft powered workplace experience with more efficient processes.

Workplace experience re-engineering

  • Condeco and their partners enable a re-engineered workplace to be delivered using technology to deliver a digital workplace.

Microsoft workplace efficiency

  • Condeco and its partners enable the more efficient processes to be delivered by enhancing Microsoft's core productivity suite Outlook.

Microsoft digital transformation

  • Those looking to digitally transform the workplace can do so extending and enhancing Microsoft.

Microsoft safe check-in

  • VPOD an Proxyclick extend Condeco and Microsoft to deliver a safe check-in through faster processes and less congested reception areas.

Microsoft touchless check-in

  • Proxyclick and Condeco deliver through the Integration with Condeco the touchless check-in to Microsoft customers.

Microsoft express check-in

  • Proxyclick and Condeco deliver through the Integration with Condeco the express check-in using their invites and QR codes for Microsoft customers.

The safe workplace

  • Condeco enable the safe workplace with their core desk and room products and their integrations with partners like VPOD and Proxyclick.

The safe workplace assigned seats

  • Assigned or bookable seats ensure no one is allowed to just sit where they like and not safe distance, without the use of tape.

The safe workplace hot desk

  • This is now delivered through the Condeco desk booking, safe spacing and sanitisation feature.

The safe workplace meeting rooms

  • delivered by using Condeco to safe distance seats and sanitise the rooms with its vendor management feature queuing work orders to cleaning vendors.

The safe workplace visitor management

  • Delivered Through the Condeco VPOD and Proxyclick integrations.

Covid-19 back to the workplace,

  • Term for recovery to the workplace post lockdown but prior to vaccination.

Safe workplace distancing

  • Term used for Meeting Room and Desk seating efficient 2 metre spacing delivered using the desk and room booking Condeco APP.

Safe reception distancing

  • Delivered by decongesting the reception area with invites delivered to visitors with QR codes, enable pre registration, touchless and express check-in. This decongests reception areas using the Condeco VPOD and Proxyclick check-in.

Desk booking check-list

  • Complying with the Covid back to workplace and call centre guidelines.

Mobile and Web booking

  • delivery of safe booking through own device booking, removing surfaces that you need to touch and sanitise.

Desk status free busy

  • delivered by the Condeco APP so the desk booker knows what's free, busy and available, whilst also seeing safe distancing from the floor plan.

Desk status unavailable sanitisation required

  • delivered by the Condeco APP when the desk is finished with but suspended from use requiring sanitisation and release.

Desk vendor message cleaning list

  • Delivered through the desk booking vendor management module.

Vendor change status

  • Delivered by the Condeco APP when the cleaning or catering vendor change the status of an order.

Desk GPS check-in

  • Delivered by The Condeco desk booking APP that delivers touchless check-in to your desk through the GPS HQ association triggered by your mobile device.

Desk GPS checkout

  • Delivered when a user leaves the building for a certain time, checking them out of the desk.

Desk integration Vpod

  • New module delivered by VPOD's desk integration with Condeco. Enables Desk booking from VPOD.

Desk way-finding

  • Delivered by VPOD and its integration to Condeco

Desk booking integration

  • VPOD feature enabling desks to be booked using the VGreet kiosks, useful for Post Covid or unscheduled bookings.

Desk spacing

  • Achieved with The Condeco App deploying safe distancing of desks and room seats and blocking out other seats to demonstrate safe distancing.

Desk spacing transparency

  • Delivers safe distancing by blocking out desks in between, opposite each other and deploying that on the booking app to deliver psychological safety to the desk booker.

Desk booking day of week phasing

  • Delivered by the Condeco app allowing day of the week booking if you've a phased use desk policy.

Desk booking close area.

  • Delivered by the Condeco APP which allows areas or zones to be closed and auto-cancels forward bookings pushing notifications to those that have booked to rebook.

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