Awesome Workplace Experience in the Pandemic! 10 problems to tackle upfront!

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

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The pandemic isn't fun, with business continuity challenges, daily government announcements so this blog is aimed at you and what you can do to make life easier.

Let's tackle a safe workplace 1st where you can then rest assured your along way towards Corporate Real Estate defensible business continuity.

So what are the "milestone types" you are going to run into, i.e. problems you are going to have to tackle?

TOP 10 Workplace Safety Business Continuity issues/problems to tackle

1. Now, today "a safe distance" is the first - re assigning "assigned seating"

2. Easy task, but then how do you "manage that" policy?

3. Unassigned seating , how do you manage, how do you prevent clustering in real time?

4. Trace and contact - how do you know who sat in which seat near a person who becomes infected?

5. Moving from employees to Visitor Management, how do you protect employees from visitors?

6. How do you prevent "dangerous contact" screening visitors upfront?

7. How can you prevent them even arriving?

8. How do you manage the returning workforce?

9. Can you cut some costs in the same breath, when tackling the points above?

10. How do you knit the solution to all the above together into one joined up process?

Solution 1 - Corporate Real Estate Pandemic Management Solution

Visibility , defensibility, accountability, policy and joined up solution all in one!

Good News

Sounds complicated, but it's been made simple by some clever folk in three different businesses that have integrated their solutions to help you.


What does that deliver?

Here is the visibility

How do I get there?

You incorporate some sensors and floorplans and surface the data in a simple set of dashboards to visualise the challenges.

Now I have assigned seating at safe distances, how do I measure adherence to that policy?

- using the dashboard and sensor solution in hours you can have the system live in an entire floor or building.

What do I get?

Visibility of safe seats for everyone on that floor marked in green space in the new 2m separation distance!

Assigned Seats that have been occupied and need cleaning marked in red!

However clearly not all of them saving money & exposure time for cleaners!

Any "clustering" alerts that warn you in real time, deal with this issue!

2. Managing Visitors and Tracing who went where and meet whom?

Here you can combine two solutions into one to get 100% compliance!

Room and Desk Booking solutions that integrate with visitor management solutions are the answer, why?

When you invite someone to a meeting in Outlook, some clever folk at Condeco can synch the Outlook guest data and feed it into a Visitor Management System giving you an Integrated Visitor Management system that delivers:

- Giving you complete records of who is coming to see who!

- Email and contact data for traceability, should health authorities require it instantly.

- A visitor invite that is derived from the outlook data via Condeco that conveys all the Host details!

- You simply set your guests rules, which could be as easy as "they haven't got an email address with our corporate domain"

- Better still its unique barcode lets the visitor check in a "touchless, contactless fashion."

- A quick scan and the host is alerted that their guest has arrived without reception involvement.

- Your receptionist is kept safe from hordes of visitors.

- Your reception area stays "safe distance" compliant as it's kept decluttered.

- Better still you can pre screen visitors with whatever check-in questions you'd prefer to ask.

- And if they answer them incorrectly alert security to an hazardous visitor event.

Fig 1 how the integration and features of Microsoft Outlook, Exchange, Condeco and Visitor Management work together.

Clearly Condeco were not waiting for a pandemic, however their solution tackles the above in a manner that post-pandemic ensures

- Any organisation favouring Microsoft can synch meeting details in real time with outlook whichever doorway they enter or create their meeting through, ie either Condeco or Outlook.

- Any organisation can keep Microsoft workflows intact requiring minimal training and instal time

- You have an integrated visitor management solution that delivers a hell of a first impression

- You can manage agile working with on demand meeting rooms and desks easily

- Any Meeting or Desk "no shows" immediately update availability for desk and mobile bookers alike

- You can have less rooms and desks and keep a higher productivity and satisfaction rate

These are all highly desirable in non pandemic times, however for those tasked with dealing with the 10 challenges above, I'd recommend the two solutions above.

Fig 2 How all three data sets and solutions feed your Workspace Management dashboard aggregating data so you have everything available at your fingertips.

Two Solutions one set of data and visibility / control!

The second solution integrates neatly into the first as your visitor data, booking data can easily get incorporated into the Dashboard reporting solution.

Again a Microsoft Digital Transformation project split into:

- Microsoft Workplace Experience

- Microsoft Workplace Efficiency

For details of Integrated solutions and how to implement them we are happy to help!

Useful Links

Pandemic Workplace


Business Continuity Challenges

  • The challenges faced when keeping the business functioning so shareholder returns can continue.

A safe distance

  • As defined by HMRC workplace and contact centre guidelines as 2 meters with no opposite seating, preferred alternate seating.

"assigned seating"

  • Seats assigned to workplace employees permanently ie not Hot Desks.

Unassigned seating

  • Free seating where anyone can sit on a booked or first come first served basis.

Trace and contact

  • The ability to trace potentially infected personnel and contact them to inform them to isolate for 14 days.

"dangerous contact"

  • Breaching the 2 meter rule with or without trace and contact processes in place.

Corporate Real Estate Pandemic Management Solution

  • The system of tracking every employee, contractor and visitor, implementing safe distancing and sanitisation via and effected integrated technology solution that can report performance against government guidelines.

Condeco Synch

  • The ability to synchronise the exchange database of rooms regardless of input source, Condeco web APP or Mobile APP and Microsoft Outlook.

Condeco Microsoft Integration

  • The integration that enables Condeco to enhance Microsoft enabling Desk Management, Room management Vendor Management.

Condeco Proxyclick Integration

  • The Integration between the two companies enables visitor data entered in Condeco or Outlook to populate the Proxyclick visitor management system. This delivers 100% of visitor coverage enabling express check-in and the decongesting of receptions.

Proxyclick Express Check-in

  • The ability to use the QR code sent on the visitor invite to swipe the QR code and sign in automatically saving significant processing time.

Proxyclick Touchless Check-in

  • The ability to pre-register and save iPad contact avoiding any touching of surfaces.

Workplace experience

  • The experience delivered in the workplace to the end user, ideally as intuitively as possible through integrated technologies.

Condeco Integration Benefits

  • The passing of data from Condeco to another integrated system to improve either the workplace experience or its efficiency.

Workspace Management dashboard

  • The reporting tool that aggregates data so that you can see the performance of the workplace.

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