Agile Working and Productivity with Microsoft 0365 +

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Typically CIO / CTO's want to:

  • Sweat their Microsoft investment in Office 365

  • Not Change any user workflows

  • Cater for stakeholders with varied requirements

  • Some fringe and complex , some basic and simple

That's a tougher ask than some would think!

The HR Director wants to:

  • Attract the best talent and retain it

  • Fulfil their ambitions and grow them as individuals

  • Make sure they have purpose and enjoy the culture

Meanwhile The CEO or Investor wants:

  • The best performance possible

  • In a sustainable fashion for his/her investors or shareholders

  • Whilst being able to innovate and disrupt their own market

  • Or enter new ones so that growth, fulfilment and opportunity exist for all

The CFO will have another list but in summary it will be:

  • As many cost lines switched to variable with revenue / activity as possible

  • A defensible bottom line and decent financial convenance

So in all that where does the world of productivity and agile working fit?

  • The very best customer experience?

  • The very best levels of human and fixed asset efficiency?

  • And what a lot of people are now calling the connected workplace?

  • Or the digital workplace revolution?

So how do you meet all those objectives as a Microsoft customer in the workplace?

To fit my Microsoft strategy I'd look for vendors on Azure therefore I know they fit my objectives today or tomorrow of

  • Being able to Scale in country or Globally

  • Being able to deal with Sovereign data requirements of customers

  • Being able to satisfy or cloud security team

I'd want to know the vendors had passed the highest Gold Partner levels within the Microsoft Ecosystem.

I'd like to know my integration strategy was intact allowing me to integrate other vendors easily to produce the very best workplace experience for my internal customers.

See integration strategy

In essence for most Microsoft focused businesses this is about:

- Microsoft Digital Transformation

- Microsoft Workplace Experience

- Microsoft Workplace Efficiency

So if a vendor has the necessary Microsoft credentials of Azure based, Gold Partner status and the security credentials, next we review their API.

I'd like to know the developers portal was robust, supported, well documented and secure

I'd want to know my workspace agile working requirements were met

For my meeting rooms.

That no one was hogging them and that

- No shows (up to 37% were auto bounced with good room screen systems

I'd like the screens to be centrally supported and managed to cut maintenance costs and make management easy.

Condeco's Screen Manager that enables remote screen updates and configuration.

I'd like my users to be able to book easily using a visual time grid on desktop devices.

Likewise a simple mobile booking APP.

Irrespective of device i'd like Outlook Exchange and Condeco to be in step and synched at all times, to prevent "double booking" and end user dissatisfaction.

And more importantly to have instant booking with real time live availability that's accurate.

I'd like Hot Desk or Agile working to be easy and effortless.

I'd like multiple types of check-in methodology:

- Security card check in recognising and RFID card now.

- However I'd like the sensors to check room and desk bookings in and out going forward.

I'd like my room and desk booking system fully integrated with my visitor management system for:

- Great visitor and guest invites and easy location access

- Whilst maintaining great reception 1st impression experience

- Using the same barcode to check in at reception and get through the security barriers

- Irrespective of security control system

- And handling easily the single occupier receptions and multi-tenant.

I'd like one mobile APP for my users to access every service they need in and out off the building.

I'd like one multiple data source Corporate real estate reporting system that could handle:

- Normal working conditions

- And abnormal Pandemic conditions

Want to know more?

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Glossary of Terms and meanings

Microsoft office 365 enhanced

  • Condeco extends office 365 so that simplistic bookers can find rooms and their charecteristics easily.

The safe workplace o365 enhanced

  • Condeco delivers a safe workplace through its social distancing of meeting room seats and desk spacing and sanitisation features.

The safe workplace office 365 enhanced

  • The safe workplace with distancing and sanitisation can be added to office 365 via the add-in.

Microsoft workplaces on demand,

  • Condeco adds desk and room booking on demand to office 365.

Microsoft smart workplace

  • We believe Condeco enhances Microsoft to deliver a smart workplace through its features and their benefits and their partner integrations.

A safe Microsoft enhanced workplace

  • Condeco enable the Microsoft productivity suite to deliver a safer workplace.

Microsoft workplace experience

  • Condeco and their partners help deliver a better Microsoft powered workplace experience with more efficient processes.

Workplace experience re-engineering

  • Condeco and their partners enable a re-engineered workplace to be delivered using technology to deliver a digital workplace.

Microsoft workplace efficiency

  • Condeco and its partners enable the more efficient processes to be delivered by enhancing Microsoft's core productivity suite Outlook.

Microsoft digital transformation

  • Those looking to digitally transform the workplace can do so extending and enhancing Microsoft.

Microsoft safe check-in

  • VPOD an Proxyclick extend Condeco and Microsoft to deliver a safe check-in through faster processes and less congested reception areas.

Microsoft touchless check-in

  • Proxyclick and Condeco deliver through the Integration with Condeco the touchless check-in to Microsoft customers.

Microsoft express check-in

  • Proxyclick and Condeco deliver through the Integration with Condeco the express check-in using their invites and QR codes for Microsoft customers.

The safe workplace

  • Condeco enable the safe workplace with their core desk and room products and their integrations with partners like VPOD and Proxyclick.

The safe workplace assigned seats

  • Assigned or bookable seats ensure no one is allowed to just sit where they like and not safe distance, without the use of tape.

The safe workplace hot desk

  • This is now delivered through the Condeco desk booking, safe spacing and sanitisation feature.

The safe workplace visitor management

  • Delivered Through the Condeco VPOD and Proxyclick integrations.

Covid-19 back to the workplace,

  • Term for recovery to the workplace post lockdown but prior to vaccination.

Safe workplace distancing

  • Term used for Meeting Room and Desk seating efficient 2 metre spacing delivered using the desk and room booking Condeco APP.

Safe reception distancing

  • Delivered by decongesting the reception area with invites delivered to visitors with QR codes, enable pre registration, touchless and express check-in. This decongests reception areas using the Condeco VPOD and Proxyclick check-in.

Desk booking check-list

  • Complying with the Covid back to workplace and call centre guidelines.

Mobile and Web booking

  • delivery of safe booking through own device booking, removing surfaces that you need to touch and sanitise.

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