Business Acceleration or Lead Generation?

Let us Demystify Google for you

What are your choices?

1. Pay per Click - Mugs game - throw money at it!

Why? - anyone with deep pockets can do that - which means you can be beaten easily (usually)

2. Designed Success

Why? - you can achieve long term results quickly and it is way cheaper than Pay per Click 

(just needs you to engage and think)

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Google Strategy

Expert Guidance

Google rewards Integrity - There are no shortcuts

  • That does not mean great results take time!

  • You need a well designed strategy 

  • That completely involves the business owner

  • Some simple powerful planning sessions

  • Then it is all down to execution

  • And you can get results in hours IF you know how!

Link - Forbes 15 Mistakes everyone else makes! 


Mistake 1

Grow Your Business

It is all about the design and that 1st Impression

Mistake 1 - A pretty website 

  • Think about cause and effect

  • Does Google Rank design - NO

  • Does Google reward a site "Designed to Perform" Yes

  • What are the key elements"

    • Design​

    • Content

    • Customer Journey

It about Balance - download Website Strategy - Mistakes to Avoid ​

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Mistake 2

Achieve Your Goals

Traffic - Publish Tonnes of "stuff"


There are tools that tell you exactly how long an article needs to be

  • Content has to fit a journey you want to take the customer on - like this simple illness example

  • Awareness stage "I feel ill"

  • Consider stage  "I think I have a cold, what's the best cure?"

  • Convert Stage   "I need Lemsip max strength, I'll get it in Boots"

How many content strategies, design that kind of content journey?

  • The key is to place information they want at each stage that leads them to you, your service or product. 

  • If you ask your marketeer you may get some interesting answers!

  • More importantly where are you?Where are you putting content?

  • On YOUR website or where people learn? 

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Mistake 3

Expert Guidance

Google rewards detail and the perfect triangle - how?

  • Look at a Google search return

  • Today it will feature the "words return/response" however,

  • Increasingly a strip of "Images" feature on page 1

  • The Top "Tagged Images" for the search term

  • Those images push at least 1 "click competitor" off Page 1.

  • You have to have an image strategy, especially when you understand how fast the brain processes an image!

  • The Top "Tagged Videos" will often feature on Page 1, too.

  • ALL images and Videos are linked back to your articles!

  • So a smart Google strategy uses images and video's to push competitors off Page 1, to increase you message speed of comprehension, plus increase clicks from images.   

  • So to dominate page 1 you have 2 choices PAY for per Click ads

  • Or just think "how am I going to feature for words, images and video?"

  • TIP: Google knows you understand an image 60,000 times faster than a word!