Why Communication Edge?

We consult on only what we can deliver
We Partner with companies we know can deliver - where we cannot


How do I cope with the Digital Marketing World?

That is exactly what we do for every company we take on.

We will not design a website in isolation.

We will work with A designer to give you a website that:

  • Creates not only a great 1st impression

  • But has relevant content that ranks in Google

  • Drives high quality enquiries to your website

  • Automatically adds them to whatever you use for a customer contact management system (CRM)

  • Has a superb customer Journey that converts them to a sale without "selling"

  • Educates the prospect to buy from you objectively

My company is struggling in a changing marketplace. Can you help us stay relevant?

Short answer Yes, the key is its a journey not a light switch.
You have to understand your customers
As well as your competitors
Not just with your gut instinct
By asking them and adapting what you deliver in planned methodical way
Then measuring if it makes a difference.

How do I know that Business Accelerator is the right consulting agency for me?

You'll know after the 1st meeting.
We work only with those who are keen to adapt but do not have time to find out how?
Who agree our area of expertise and let us get on with delivering.
We work strictly by looking at the metrics, numbers we move.
We love customers who understand the "cost of our services" and the "Return on Investment."
If you don't win then we have failed.