Modern Work Space

Extend Microsoft to Condeco

Solutions to extend Microsoft productivity suite

Its Important to understand which suppliers compliment Microsoft 

-  Extending Outlook to manage meeting room and services.

- Populating visitor management systems with guest and host data.

- A Powerful APi set hosted on APIM.

- Microsoft development management Toolkit. 

- With Azure global hosting and security.

- When combined with Microsoft scale and scope Condeco become a key part of the connected workplace options. 

Casual Business Meeting

Delivering A Covid Safe Workplace

Anyone can spend a fortune on signs , tape and screens however you'll throw it away in 6 months.

How do you use technology to deliver a workplace Upgrade, A safe workplace and gather data for infmed Real Estate decisions?

Standing Meeting

The First Issue the Reception and visitor management

How do you pre-vet every visitor?

How do you decongest reception?

How do you make the reception area a safe place?

How do you  deliver fact transit times?

How do you pre-register visitors? 

Its easy when you know how.

Modern Work Space

Workplace Desk management

How do I effect that with Outlook and APP's?

How do I make Desks bookable?

How do I sanitise desks with occupancy based cleaning ?

How do I invest in technology and get a fast ROI?

Casual Business Meeting

Data to Make informed decisions

How do I connect different solutions to gather data?

How do I retrieve insight from that data?

How do we use data in one system to deliver a better workplace experience in another system?

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