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These companies drive the connected workplace

The work constantly to identify use cases that improve the customer experience or drive efficiency and cost savings to deliver an effective ROI



focused on a user friendly UX and cost effective Software as a Service model. We demonstrated the Integrated Visitor Management Solution at ISE 2020 137 times, customers and channel partners loved the simple problems they remove.

vpod visitor management.png


VPOD and their Vgreet product are powerful offerings for the Connected Workplace - See the Integration with Proxyclick and Condeco here



Condeco with their Cloud solution and Microsoft enhanced exchange solution make managing the workplace and on demand room and desk booking a compelling solution.
They have developed a Covid-19 safe workplace solution integrated into Proxyclick and VPOD.



Relogix are primarily a workplace reporting SaaS provider with a sensor business that feeds the reporting platform and its dashboards with data and insights. They are key in surfacing data from Proxyclick and Condeco to deliver The Covid-19 Safe Workkplace solution.