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Business Re-Engineering


Startling Facts - Revealed by Deloitte
87% leaders think a Business Performance Culture is important
75% of investors agree with them
66% of Middle Managers cannot maintain or build a performance business culture

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Remove it

As Businesses re-engineered
- Outsourced, Far Sourced
- Globalised 
- Deployed mobile working 
- Downsized 
- Specialised 
- Right sized
They disabled communication by "Introducing Distance" removing "Face to Face communication"


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Why you should use all 3 senses not just 1 or 2

Words alone deliver only 7% of a message - they get lodged in the short term memory.
Images are understood 60,000 times faster than words - they go into the long term memory.
Body Language can be up to 55% of the message. 
Tone of voice 38% of the message.
RELY on email your company will move slowly (14 times slower than your competition)
RELY on conference calls or screen sharing (2 times slower, half the speed of your competition)

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30% of Companies to have a Competitive Communication Edge by 2020 - Gartner

Face to Face Communication Policy 

We know exactly how to implement a competitive communication edge based on face to face communication.
No huge investment in hardware - use the devices you already have.

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