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3 Common Directions we see coming out of clinics

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Free Clinic

The clinics tend to go in three directions:

  • Lead Generation and automated digital marketing - more 

  • Acquiring a competitive communication edge to speed up the business - more

  • With Leaders it's a "puzzle or problem" they want addressed - more

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Google Lead Generation

Its not a mystery, there are no dark arts!

  • Google is clever and rewards integrity

  • The are some simple choices to take 

    • Buy your way in with Pay per Click (PPC) or

    • Do the hard work quickly and well, with fanatical attention to detail. 

  • It requires the very best tools to achieve results quickly.

  • There is no massive expense.

  • It is easy to get results quickly.


  • 99.9% of companies do a bad job.

  • Google rewards other 0.1%.

  • FInd Out More

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Competitive Communication Edge

Gartner predict 30% of companies will acquire a competitive communication edge by 2020

  • That will give them an enormous advantage

  • The ability to make better decisions faster 

  • Plus a quantum leap in productivity

  • Google is already one of those companies,Logitech another

  • Both employ CEO led competitive communication policies 

  • Both are winners - read more 

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Puzzle is a business area that always delights as it always comes out of a clinic where a CEO or Business Leader starts to talk about their business and there's an "AHA Moment" often leading to a project like:

Working with Intelligent People helping them solving "their Puzzle" is always fun, rewarding and never without  a "learn".